Delta Sunset Realty, Inc. has been serving the community of Charleston and the neighboring areas for 20 plus years.  Read below to see how this wonderful company was started.

Delta Sunset Realty, Inc. was founded by George A. "Gerry" Speir and licensed in January 1994 as a Real Estate Company in Mississippi.  Gerry was born and raised in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi and as a young man learned, by trial and error, how and where to hunt this area.  This learning experience occurred at an early age prior to the popularity of prime hunting areas, as we know it today, and almost all lands were accessible to the courteous hunter.  Gerry graduated from Mississippi State University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He then returned to Tallahatchie County to pursue agricultural interests.  His return was greatly influenced by superb recreational activities available and his ability to participate and appreciate the hunting heritage in this locale.  Several college friends, who traveled the Southeast United States extensively with their jobs, would visit and comment about the outstanding hunting opportunities afforded here.  Little thought had been given to the fact that only a select few were privileged to experience this outstanding hunting activity  in their own "backyards".  As the popularity of quality hunting activity increased and as word spread about the excellent hunting opportunities in our region, accessibility became increasingly difficult, especially to those "foreign" to the area.  Knowing first hand the pleasure and relaxation contained within these properties, Gerry elected to form a Real Estate firm for the purpose of brokering recreational properties.  Although Delta Sunset Realty, Inc. is small and normally handles a few select properties at any given time, we take pride in offering what we believe are quality parcels that are accommodating to the desires of the purchaser.
History of Delta Sunset Realty, Inc.

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